TKO Fed Rules

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TKO Fed Rules

Post  Tolshortte on Sat Aug 21, 2010 4:15 pm

- All players are expected to be active within the fed. This means you have to give feedback on the forums, it is just as important as roleplaying. High amounts of entrances will not protect you from this rule.

- All players are expected to write roleplays for the show they are assigned to. If roleplaying doesn't suit you, then it is your responsibility to find someone to help you or get yourself into a active roleplay. We have threads on the forums to help those of you who feel this way. Again, nothing will protect you from this rule.

- All players are expected to watch the show they are in. Then give feedback on that show in the forums. If you are not writing roleplays, you do not want to forget to do this. I prefer if players give feedback on both shows.

- Do Not ask for a title shot, if you are active and deserving you will get one. Asking for a title shot will eliminate your chances of getting one.

- Show appearances and contracts will be given out on an activity basis. I do not care about levels or fan numbers, ACTIVITY rules the day here.

- All contract discussion will be held in the offseason, plz do not ask for a new contract before then. All contract discussions are expected to be confidential, plz do not go bragging about your new sweet contract. If you do it will not be renewed.

- All players are expected to maintain a reasonable degree of maturity. If you are found to be a problem causer you will be released even at the cost of penalties.

- All roleplays should be uniform, plz go to the Roleplay Section for an example of what TKO rps should look like. Players are responsible for their roleplays presentation as well as its content. - if you need help and you cant find the answer in the forums, just pm me and i will be glad to help.

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